A Singularity University program customized to your company's needs
executives, leaders and teams | in person or online
Programs that address the strategic challenges of organizations and are adapted to each company’s specific needs for organizational development and training, offered in various customized formats.

The programs comprise lectures, workshops and hands-on experiences over a period of 1 to 3 days. The entire content (topics, speakers, formats) is customized to the company’s goals, and may be focused on strategy, innovation, leadership and team development, and numerous other topics.

_tailored solution to meet your company's strategic challenges

To bring SU’s breadth of knowledge to inside the company, customizing it to meet the specific needs and objectives of the organization.
Medium- and large-size companies that wish to understand in greater detail the impact of applying exponential technologies to their markets, expand their exponential mindset and hold workshops to define directions.
A blend of various in-person and online content (pre-work and post-work), including lectures, hands-on experiences and workshops. The number of participants and the program duration depend on the format and on the company’s goals.