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Prepare your teams with the mindset and tools required to adopt exponential technologies and trends, adapt to changes and create lasting value for your organization! With SU Brazil’s online courses, your team will learn how to identify growth opportunities and boost your business.

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Your employees will be enthralled with what the future will bring and the potential it offers them, both personally and professionally.


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  • Duration: 12-16 hours (4 weeks)
  • Modules: 4
  • Videos, texts, articles and discussions
  • Optimized for computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Interaction with facilitator and colleagues.
  • Digital certificate issued by SingularityU Brazil
  • Access to the course on the platform will be for 90 days
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_develop exponential thinking in your company.

Explore the participants’ critical and disruptive thinking, by exploring concepts of exponential thinking and the impact of technologies on markets.

Positions: Sr Analysts, Coordinators, Managers and professionals who lead initiatives / projects

IT, Innovation, Marketing, Commercial, Projects, HR and or areas that wish to explore critical and disruptive thinking.

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Foundations of Exponential Thinking

In this course, participant leaders will explore the fundamental concepts of exponential thinking. They will learn to think exponentially and develop skills that will help them navigate towards a future characterized by abundance in times of unprecedented technological innovation.

The program will enable leaders and their companies to change how they think – and expand what they know – about exponential technologies.

Course takeaways

  • Identify the factors that drive exponential and convergent technology.
  • “Predict the future”, recognizing the possible impacts that emerging technologies will have in the next 15 years.
  • Recognize exponential curves and S curves. Apply Peter Diamandis 6Ds to analyze and predict disruptions.
  • Identify converging and disruptive technologies that will affect life and business.
  • Become aware of the ethical, moral, legal and political implications of these technologies in order to help avoid obstacles during innovation.

Practicing Exponential Forecasting

In this course, leaders will collaborate and learn with other leaders in participatory activities, mastering forecasting skills and helping create the best possible future. Through trend analyses and the exploration of unknowns, in collaboration with a community of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs, you will train your eye to see clearly the challenges ahead.

Equipped with practical and behavioral tools, leaders will have the opportunity to test predictions about the future before they occur.

Course takeaways

  • Learn to analyze and identify current macro trends
  • Learn to distinguish between what is known and unknown about the future
  • Acquire practical experience to contextualize new challenges from multiple perspectives – including the STEEP framework (society, technology, economy, environment, politics) – to use in practical business scenarios
  • Reflect on your personal and professional areas of influence and concern
  • Recognize and face your cognitive biases
  • Access new methods to design your preferred futures
  • Create and tell a compelling story about the future you aspire to

Impact Lab

In this course, participants will develop a project focused on one of the Grand Global Challenges using one of the six impact paths: (1) forming a new organization, (2) innovating in your existing organization, (3) mobilizing resources, (4) influencing policies, (5) launching an educational awareness campaign, or (6) fostering research and development.

After completing the course, your team will have acquired the mindset and confidence to make lasting changes in your organization.

Course takeaways

  • Understand the six impact paths and use them to define your company’s next steps.
  • Learn to reflect on your personal and professional areas of influence and concern
  • Collectively learn about global challenges and solutions
  • Share ideas and stories about impacts
  • Develop a miniature impact project and prepare a report for peer review
  • Trail a path that leads to global impact

Exponential Series

Enhance your exponential journey with three exciting courses on a single track: Foundations of Exponential Thinking and Impact Lab.

Courses can be purchased individually or as a series. To participate in the Impact Lab, attendees must have prior knowledge of Exponential Technologies.