SingularityU Brazil Executive Program

SingularityU Brazil’s Executive Program (EP) offers a three-and-a-half day immersion into the technologies that are shaping the future of business. Become acquainted with exponential technologies, transformational practices and major global challenges, and benefit from a comprehensive overview of each topic and a thorough understanding of recent research and applications, future forecasts and potential impacts on business and society

program goals

> Identify the latest trends in exponential technologies

> Understand how exponential technologies can help your organization achieve its goals (and how they can also be a threat)

> Recognize the importance of exponential technologies in addressing the great challenges of Brazil and humanity.

> Build a relationship network with other leaders.


The groups include CEOs, chief technology officers, R&D leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, public administrators, policy makers and leading-edge researchers. Our student community comprises professionals who are creating an increasingly abundant future in every industry around the globe.

our faculty

Highly-qualified, internationally-renowned faculty with extensive expertise in exponential technologies, digital transformation processes, global challenges and numerous others areas. These specialists will present programs that combine strategic vision and analyses of the international innovation scenario, including its impacts on the future of the economy and of society in general.


SingularityU Brazil Executive Program

Date of program:
2nd semester of 2020
Price: US$ 7,499
Includes: toolkit, meals and
lodging for 4 days.
Venue: To be defined

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