exponential talks

executives, leaders and teams | in person or online
Lectures that offer expert knowledge of the Foundations of Exponential Thinking for the entire company as a way to change the mindset of the team as a whole.

Topics to be addressed include Exponential Thinking, Exponential Organizations, Exponential Technologies, Exponential Leadership and Global Grand Challenges (GGC), among others.

_encourage disruption and innovation through lectures


Discover the foundations of SU’s thinking and delve into novel ideas, such as the difference between linear and exponential mindset, the concepts of moonshot and Massive Transformative Purpose, and the role of exponential technologies in this scenario.


Understand the concept of exponential organization and the main characteristics that enabled companies such as Netflix, Airbnb and Uber to grow 10× more than their competitors.


Take a plunge into the leading exponential technologies and the 6D framework to understand how x-techs are being used to make a positive impact on the world.


Focus on leadership and on the new skills and abilities leaders must develop to guide their teams and organizations in the exponential future.


Understand the 12 global challenges that SU has selected to become the focus of its actions towards the goal of making a positive impact on 1 billion people.

To stimulate innovation and disruption within the company by establishing a culture of innovation and stimulating an exponential mindset with real-life examples from markets.
Companies of every size that need to disseminate the concepts of innovation and exponential thinking, and involve their entire team in the digital transformation journey.
Online or in-person program, which may include lectures and chats.

After the lecture, participants will engage in Q&A and discussions, optionally focused on the company.

Lectures may be purchased either individually, as a package deal (a series of lectures) or combined with workshops.