xTech mentoring

leaders and executives | in person or online
SU’s expert faculty help executives from large companies to rethink their short-, medium- and long-term business strategies, and to solve specific challenges and/or to position themselves in the market, evaluating viable paths through the use of technology and disruption.

_redesign your business strategies

To enable leaders and their companies identify opportunities, discover new perspectives, absorb different experiences, spark new ideas and use the concepts of exponential thinking to define new business strategies through the use of technology and a technological roadmap, applying the knowledge and experience of specialists from SU Brazil.
Companies that need to focus efforts on strategy changes and wish to use technology to accelerate their impact.
Using SU’s methods and workshops, a SU Brazil specialist will conduct sessions with the organization’s top leadership, sharing knowledge, skills and market experience.

Online or in-person program, with 5 sessions ranging from 1½ to 2 hours, involving 4 to 6 company executives (including CEO, VPs and directors).