xTech talks

take the expertise of a Singularity University specialist to your company or event
executives, leaders and teams | in person or online
Lectures by Singularity University-certified experts on how markets are being impacted by the use of exponential technologies.

The lectures (or set of lectures) can focus on one technology (3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, neuroscience etc.) or on a Global Grand Challenge (health, education, mobility etc.).

_change the mindset of the whole team.

By interacting with SU-certified specialists, to stimulate innovation and disruption within the company through real-life examples of how markets are being positively impacted by the use of exponential technologies, of what the future holds and of the opportunities and risks involved.
Companies of every size that need to understand the main use cases of exponential technologies and the impact on their markets, as well as to stimulate innovation and disruption in their leadership and team.
Online or in-person program, which may include lectures and chats.

After the lecture, participants will engage in Q&A and discussions, optionally focused on the company.

Lectures may be purchased either individually, as a package deal (a series of lectures) or combined with workshops.